Please join us this Lent for ARISE Together in Christ, the process of spiritual renewal and evangelization that began in our parishes last fall.  ARISE offers the opportunity to develop a closer relationship with Christ, grow in community and reach out in service to others.  Small Groups are continuing and new ones forming this Lent.  You can register online by using the links below.  If you have questions, please contact David Cortese.

Sunday 7:00pm – Open to everyone.  Facilitated by Maryanne Stanislaw

Tuesday 9:00am – Open to everyone.  Facilitated by Christi Koltek

Tuesday 12:30pm – Open to everyone.  Facilitated by Joan Loney

Tuesday 7:00pm – Married Couples.  Facilitated by Al Lane

Wednesday afternoons – Women’s Group.  Facilitated by Marcie Wetterman

Wednesday 7:00pm – Open to everyone.  Facilitated by Liz Lilly

Monday 7:00am – Men’s Group.  Facilitated by Fr. Enzie

Friday 8:00pm – Young Adult.  Facilitated by Melissa Geier

If you do not see a group that works with your schedule, please contact David Cortese.