Coronavirus Update #6

Dear Parishioners,

Prayers and blessings on this feast day of St. Patrick.
Upon reception of the announcement yesterday by local public health authorities ordering a three-week Shelter-in-Place where almost everything is shut down, I met with our Pastoral Team to discuss how I, Fr. Anthony and the Pastoral Staff can best support you, our parish family, during these unprecedented times caused by COVID-19 outbreak.

First and foremost, I would like to reiterate what Bishop Oscar Cantu stated in his letter: “Though public Masses are being suspended, I encourage parishioners to remain connected to their parish community and to pray for each other.”During the remainder of this Lenten Season, let’s look at ways we can stay connected to God and to one another.

1. We have posted a number of links to various “during the shutdown” resources to assist you in your Lenten journey. Please see our webpage:

2. You will also find that our Sunday and Daily Mass at St. Nicholas Church are being recorded and are available on our website at On-line Mass Resources .

3. If you or a loved one are in need of Sacramental care, such as anointing of the sick, last rites, confession, or Holy Communion, Fr. Anthony and I will be available to assist you. Please be sure to call the Parish office to set up an appointment. (650) 948-2158

4. We also added a short question/comment box on our website. Feel free to use it if you have a question or comment and prefer not to call.

5. I encourage the various parish ministries, such as Faith Formation, Intersection, Edge, small faith groups, Bible Study groups, etc. to stay connected via the various social media platforms.

6. For further updates from our Diocese about the COVID-19 response, or to check other Live Stream opportunities for Mass, please visit

“A family that prays together, stays together”. Due to work, school and travel closure many families have the opportunity to spend more time together. Below we have put together a series of Catholic resources to help you pray at home either as a family or individually.


Fr. John Poncini