Update on Outdoor Masses

Dear Brothers & Sisters,
Our staff has been working overtime to make Mass available to everyone who now feels comfortable venturing out. The Eucharist after all is the “Source and Summit” of our Catholic Faith. The Church’s Liturgy is not something made up by us, but rather a gift from Almighty God. It is our participation in the “Eternal Banquet”, the “Wedding Supper of the Lamb.” The banquet we all hope to share in fully when our Earthly sojourn is complete.
Last week we increased the morning Mass congregation size at St. William from 25 to 60 and this Sunday our Evening Garden Masses have been increase to 30. In addition we have redesigned the seating in the St. Nicholas Courtyard to increase our capacity to 40 parishioners. This increased capacity now allows us to remove all limits on attendance at our 8 AM daily Mass at St. Nicholas, as well. Everyone is welcome!
If you feel safe, please do not stay away from this “Supersubstantial Bread.”