A Lesson in Hope

Dear St. Nicholas and St. William Parishioners,

This week in the mail you will receive the 4th issue of our annual school magazine, The Celtic. You can read the wonderful news happening around our school campus. Signs of hope are evident in our school’s performance when faced with continually educating our students through a pandemic. The “why” of our mission has never wavered. Catholic education at its core yields not only children who are prepared for our rigorous high school environments, but who realize that a community, standing together, can weather the toughest of storms. Our unique, close community is one of the top reasons parents choose St. Nicholas Catholic School.

Each day, we pledge to be more Christ-like in our words and speech and through our ability to serve others. Our classroom environments are based on collective norms and commitments that foster mutual respect for all.

Witnessing our youngest students lead our morning assembly in prayer in front of over 300 people is a proud moment not only for their parents but for the dedicated faculty and staff who help foster servant leadership at the youngest ages. The important lessons in humanity occur every day in our classrooms. And with the support of our parish priests, our students actively participate in liturgies and prayer services that help to bring them closer to Christ.

At this time of the year, we rely on funds raised by our fall Annual Appeal to directly impact the opportunities for those who desire a Catholic education for their children. Catholic Schools are the heart of the Catholic Church. Our parish has always supported our mission and we are eternally grateful for the prayers and precious resources that allow us to affect the lives of our future students. As we approach the beginning of our holiday season, may the peace of Christ remain with you and your family.

Jan Popolizio