Catechetical Sunday

premium website buildersToday is Catechetical Sunday. We celebrate this day to commission our catechists, including our teachers, to go forth and bring the love of Christ to our children, youth, and adults. By way of our baptism, we are all commissioned to go forth and be true disciples of Christ, sharing our faith journey, handing on our faith, and being true witnesses to the Gospels.

This year’s theme is Luke 22:19, “This is my body given for you.” Our focus is on the Eucharist for it is through the Eucharist we are nourished by God. It is his real presence that helps guide us. We have our shepherd in Christ for he knows us, finds us, even when we are the one of 99 who wanders, and meets us where we are right now at this moment to bring us closer.

We all need to be guided in our faith. Christ came to help be the in-person, human God to stand with our ancestors. Even God knows Zoom can only cut it for so long! We need to be together. In-person is so important to be in communion with Christ today in the gift of Eucharist, to celebrate him together, and to continue to grow with him.

Colleen O’Kane, Julie Gunter, Carin Powers, Carolyn Schmizeh, Kelley O’Keefe, Anna Wichansky, Meg Venables-Lin, Steve Terlizzi, Danny La, Loretta Fennell, Liz Lilly, and our teen Crew Team have all taken this call from God to serve, to be present for our children, youth and adults and to help all get to know Christ better so all can have this powerful relationship with Christ that God wants for us all.

We thank all who bring the love of Christ to others, for them sharing their faith and meeting all, right where we are. If you are also interested in serving as a catechist, please reach out to me at 650-948-2158 x 2209. Training is provided.

Reflection by Catherine Campbell