Catholics United to Protect and Support Women, Children and Families

Dear Parishioners,

October has been dedicated as “Respect Life Month.” During this month we have been reflecting on the dignity and identity of the human person from conception to natural death. These reflections come at an opportune time as the California legislature has proposed an egregious, dangerous, and costly constitutional amendment known as Proposition 1 on the November 8 ballot. We have been praying nonstop that this proposition will be defeated.

I have had a few parishioners ask me why the Catholic Church is getting involved in politics? My response is that it’s actually the other way around. It’s when political legislation crosses the line of immorality, endangering the dignity of the human person, that the Catholic Church has a moral obligation to defend the most basic human right, that is, the right to life itself.

I share a letter from our Bishop Oscar Cantu regarding California Proposition 1.

— Fr John Poncini, Pastor


“Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we continue our journey as a local Church here in our Diocese of San José, we are working to increase support for pregnant and parenting women, their children, and families and protect the sanctity of every human life at every stage.

The state legislature passed a bill, which Governor Newsom has signed, which will be placed before voters on November 8th (or sooner, for mail-in ballots and early voting). Proposition 1 is both egregious and dangerous for two simple reasons: the bill’s broad language enshrines a right to late-term abortions (which most Californians agree should be limited) in the state constitution; and it will use taxpayer funds to administer them.

The California Catholic Conference has joined a broad coalition of Californians to defeat Prop 1. Defeating Prop 1 will allow the present California abortion laws to stand, which are already among the most permissive in the country. Most Californians prefer the status quo in California rather than the extreme law that Prop 1 would enshrine.

I, therefore, call on all Catholics throughout the diocese to unite in prayer and action to defeat Prop 1. Please visit to find answers to common questions and resources to help defeat this misleading, expensive, and unnecessary ballot initiative.

I invite all Catholics in the Diocese of San José to support this effort with prayers, fasting, financial contributions, sharing resources with friends and family, reaching out to your designated Parish Leads, and any other means possible. My brother bishops and I will be journeying with you in this effort as we take the prayerful lead in a novena for the defeat of Prop 1.”

Yours in Christ,
Most Rev. Oscar Cantú
Bishop of San José