St Nicholas School Annual Appeal

Dear Parents, Alumni, Parish Members, and Friends of St. Nicholas School,

Our “why” was originally formed by the Sisters of Mercy 70 years ago with their vision to bring Christ to young children. We honor those who laid the groundwork for offering the highest quality education while instilling Catholic values. Today, we see a school that offers exceptional opportunities for our students in the same fashion as our founders but also recognizes the growing needs of our community. Our faculty and staff are committed to fostering a culture that exudes the goodwill of all that is possible. As we turn the page, there is a renewed energy and fire for continuing to create the next-generation St. Nicholas Catholic School; a school that innovates and accelerates learning while also remaining true to its core values.

This week you will receive the fifth issue of our annual school magazine, The Celtic, in the mail. We invite you to read the wonderful news happening around our school campus, to discover our school performance in the face of adversity during a pandemic, and to hear from our alumni who are testaments to our mission. Catholic education at its core, yields not only students who are prepared for the rigorous high school environments, but who also realize the profound impact of using their gifts and resources to serve others within our school neighborhoods and in a global response to those in need around the world.

This year our school theme is focused on truth and integrity. The outside surroundings are plagued with opportunities to test our students’ moral courage. We are committed to explicitly teaching and fostering a culture based on Jesus’ example of how to live a life of integrity. These important lessons in humanity occur every day in our classrooms and in partnership with our parents.

Our enrollment continues to be strong especially as new families resonate with our mission and see the value of our offerings. We continue to rely on funds raised every fall in our Annual Appeal to directly impact the opportunities for our students. With these precious resources, we support families who are balancing their basic needs as they desire a Catholic education for their children. Our parish has always supported our mission and we are eternally grateful for the prayers and the response to our call. As we look forward to paving the next 70 years, we know that anything is possible with God. May the peace of Christ remain with you and your family.

With Appreciation,
Jan Popolizio, Principal
St. Nicholas Catholic School