A Note About Sacrificial Giving

What is Sacrificial Giving?

Giving back to God is an integral expression of what we believe. It requires thought and time so that it is integrated with other financial decisions as part of an intentional and prayerful response to God’s generosity. Our response to support the Church’s Mission is:

An act of thanksgiving – our offering is a grateful response to God’s immense love.

A gift – to our parish given without reservation or condition. The gifts of God are unconditionally given to us, and we are called to model our giving after God’s.

Planned – a decision that requires thought and time. We are called to give our first fruits. We don’t give merely what we happen to have left at the end of the week.

Proportionate – our giving is proportionate to what God has given us. We give in proportion to the gifts we have received. Some use the biblical concept of the ‘tithe,’ a tenth, as a guide, but in any case, the gift is a portion of our resources.

Sacrificial – we give back to God from our substance rather than our abundance. When we give out of our substance rather than what is left over, we grow in faith.

We commit a portion of our giving through our Parish because it most clearly bears witness to the meaning and values we find at the center of our lives.


Planning what you will give back to God through your Parish is invaluable. By now, all registered families should have received information in the mail about our Catholic Sacrificial Giving. Please read the information carefully and decide how you can give back to God through your Parish.

What you plan to give back to God in thanksgiving should be an amount that adequately reflects your gratitude for God’s generosity. If you have been extraordinarily blessed by God, think about giving back extraordinarily. Your generous gifts to God through your Parish will allow our community to continue to thrive. Our ministries will enable us to fulfill our mission to serve the Lord.

We are asking all parish families to return your commitment card. If you have not already responded, we ask that you please take this next week to reflect on and evaluate what you’re giving to our Parish community. You may bring your commitment card to Mass with you next weekend or mail it to the Parish Office. Thank you for taking part in this exciting parish endeavor.

— Fr John Poncini, Pastor