Hail Mary, well-beloved daughter of the eternal Father,
admirable Mother of the Son,
most faithful spouse of the Holy Spirit,
august Temple of the most holy Trinity.
Hail, sovereign Princess,
to whom all is subject in Heaven and on earth.
Hail, sure Refuge of sinners,
Our Lady of Mercy who has never rejected anyone,
all sinful that I am, I cast myself at your feet,
and I ask you to obtain for me from the good Jesus, your dear Son,
contrition and pardon for all of my sins along with divine wisdom.
I consecrate myself entirely to you along with all that I have.
I take you today for my Mother and my Mistress;
treat me then as the last of your children
and the most obedient of your servants:
Listen, my Princess, listen to the sighs of a heart
that desires to love you and to serve you faithfully.
Let it not be said that of all of those who have had recourse to you,
that I have been the first to be abandoned!
O my hope! O my life!
O my faithful and immaculate Virgin Mary!
graciously hear me, defend me, nourish me,
instruct me, save me.