Sacraments for Children & Teens

First Reconciliation & First Holy Communion (Catholic & Public School Students)

The process to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion is a two-year process. Children must be in first grade to begin the process. Children cannot receive the Sacraments until they are in the second grade. During the second year, in addition to Faith Formation, families will be required to participate in 2 parent meetings, 1 child/parent First Communion retreat, and a rehearsal for First Communion.

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Schedule 2019-2020
(class are Sundays from 10:15 to 11:15 or Mondays 6 to 7 pm)

August 25 @ 10:15 Parent Meeting in St. William Hall for all

FF & YM 2019-2020 Schedule 2.11.2020 Update

September 8/9, 15/16, 22/23, 29/30
October 6/7, 13/14, 20/21, 27/28
November 3/4, 17/18, 24/25
December 8/9, 15/16
January 12/13, 26/27
February 2/3, 9/10
March 1/2, 8/9, 22/23, 29/30
April 19/20, 26/27
May 3/4, 17/18

For those in First Holy Communion, Year 2

November 21 @ 6 to 7 pm Parent Meeting, St. William Hall
December 9 @ 3:30 to 5 pm First Reconciliation, William Church
March 10 @ 6 to 7 pm Parent Meeting, St. William Hall (note, new date)
March 27 @ 8:30 to 2:30 pm First Holy Communion Retreat, St. William Hall
May 7 @ 6 to 7:30 First Holy Communion Rehearsal, St. William Church
May 9 @ 10 am First Holy Communion Mass, St. William Church

Confirmation (Catholic & Public School Students)

All 7th through 12th graders who have received First Holy Communion and  Reconciliation are eligible for Confirmation. To begin the process, register for EDGE or The Intersection and participate for the current year. Additionally, Teens will be required to attend the Confirmation Retreat at Camp Hammer. On August 29 at 7 pm in St. William Hall there will be an orientation meeting for parents which will provide additional information.

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Schedule 2019-2020
(classes are in St. William Hall from 9 to 11 am unless otherwise noted)

FF & YM 2019-2020 Schedule 2.11.2020 Update

August 29 at 7 to 8 pm in St. William Hall

September 7
October 5
November 2
December 7
January 10-12 Retreat at Camp Hammer
February 1
March 7
April 18
May 2 (make-up session)
May 15 Rehearsal
May 17 Confirmation at the 5 pm Sunday mass

RCIA for Children

RCIA for Children are faith formation classes are for those older children who have not been baptized or who have been baptized but who are still in need of their First Communion & First Reconciliation. RCIA for Children enables children in grades 3 through 12 to enter into a relationship with the living God and share in the life of their identity as Catholics.

Classes are scheduled based on the availability of the Catechists and participants. Sacraments are received at the Easter Vigil Mass. Please contact Catherine Campbell at 650 948 2158 or email:

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